I inspire and lead you through your trauma.

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S.T.E.P. Video Series

Ready to really dive in? In this series Nick helps you identify your SUPPORT, TRUST, ENERGY and PERSISTENCE.

This isn’t entertainment only. You also get a workbook and coaching emails to help work through your life challenge, trauma or setback. This is important because once you make it through, that is where your limitless potential lies!

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About Nick

Nick Prefontaine is a 3x best selling author and was named a top motivational speaker of 2022 in Yahoo Finance. He’s a Speaker, Founder and CEO of Common Goal.

Using the S.T.E.P. system he is able to lead clients through their trauma. Once they make it through, that is where their limitless potential lies. Nick’s been featured in Brainz Media, Swaay and Authority Magazine.

About Common Goal

Common Goal’s Mission is to provide people with the support and tools to achieve their limitless potential. We inspire and lead motivated people to their common goal. Through our life experiences of overcoming adversity we can provide a unique perspective to our clients. Most importantly we help them to take their first steps. We understand that this is the most important step and makes possible all of our clients other steps.





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